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Individual   Tax Services & Compliance

For everyone from large corporations to private citizens, the shifting landscape of tax laws makes preparing and filing your return that much more of a puzzle. While large and mid-sized companies can afford their own accountants, private citizens must fend for themselves. Thankfully, the right tax professional can help you streamline the process while maximizing your returns and minimizing your burden—all at a fraction of the cost and frustration you might experience otherwise.

At DLHC, LLC, we put over 30 years of experience, compassion, and expertise to work for our clients—no matter who they are. With a CPA firm on your side, you can uncover opportunities to save based on your specific situation while also navigating complex alterations to existing law. Don’t go it alone. Trust DLHC, LLC, to provide you with the financial edge you need to thrive.

Our Individual Tax Services

Tax law and tax returns rarely get simpler when a new act passes or the IRS attempts to streamline operations. When the process changes from year to year with nothing less than your financial future at stake, confidence comes at a premium while uncertainty abounds.

When your financial present and future are on the line, even a best guess may not be enough. Trust the professional CPAs at DLHC to elucidate opportunities, highlight shortcomings, and file with the utmost confidence on your behalf.

At DLHC, LLC, we aim to iron out the process for our clients by helping with a multitude of individual tax services, including:

Annual Tax Returns

Estate Planning & Trusts

Individual Tax Audits

Tax Planning & Consulting

Retirement planning

Tax Estimates

Annual Tax Returns

The key to an annual tax return is understanding how the milestones in your life can help you when tax season comes. Getting married, purchasing a home, having children, and even small purchases that could constitute deductions can quickly add up to lessen your burden. Let us explore the opportunities for you so you don’t wind up leaving money on the table. We’ll help you devise a financial strategy to make the most of your income year after year.

Individual Estate & Retirement Planning

End-of-life financial decisions are seldom easy or enjoyable, but that shouldn’t encourage us to kick the can down the road any farther than we have to. A CPA can help you explore your options for managing and disseminating your assets to your loved ones. We can also help you calculate your retirement needs and explore trust options for the future of your fortune.

Individual Audits & Audit Defense

Conducting an elective audit of your own financial situation can reveal pathways and avenues to even greater security and success. Similarly, when the IRS comes knocking, our CPAs can help you defend your tax prep and finances. Sometimes, all you need is someone with experience to take a look. At DLHC, we can do more than that—no matter the circumstances.

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