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Certified Public Accounting in Birmingham, AL

By their very nature, tax returns and accounting services rely on numbers, but that shouldn’t lead a CPA firm to treat clients as though they were numbers themselves. 

At DiPiazza LaRocca Heeter & Co., LLC (DLHC), we take pride in listening to and assisting the people we serve. Every tax return, audit, and small business book comes to us from a human being with real concerns and financial aspirations. At DLHC, we can address your financial concerns so that you can get back to life and back to business.

Supporting People First

At DLHC, we see the people in front of the numbers rather than the other way around. Our expertise may lie in facts and figures, but people are our business. Let us help you navigate your financial concerns so that you can devote your attention elsewhere.  Whatever you’re going through, whatever you need, our CPAs can help.

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Let Us Offer Our Expertise

At DLHC, our clients come from all walks of life and represent nearly every industry, including yours. Among our list of past and current clients, you’ll find:

Healthcare & Medical Practices

Legal Professionals


Higher Education

Brokers, Dealers, Wholesalers, & Distributors

Private Investment Funds

Government Organizations



Real Estate

Small Businesses

Private Citizens

How We Can Help

At the end of the day, we’re here to give you confidence in and power over the numbers in your life. Whether that means consulting, tax and estate compliance, advice and guidance, or just helping you find and employ the right software for your individual needs, we’re here to help.

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Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax and audit issues rely on communication for the swiftest and most ideal resolutions. There’s communication between client and CPA, communication between applicant and government, and communication with auditors themselves to consider. Let us communicate with you and for you to make the most of your financial success in even the most uncomfortable circumstances.

Financial Statement Services

A fresh pair of eyes can lend a new perspective on even the most puzzling and complex of problems. Let us take a look, offer guidance, and see if we can’t figure out the issue with your small business or personal finances.

Other Services & Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and financial health are complex issues with numerous solutions. Let us bring our years of expertise to bear on your personal or business finances with a range of services to suit any need.

Professional Affiliations

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People with Numbers, Not Numbers with People

DLHC is here to help you make sense of some of the most important numbers in your life. From tax assurance to software consulting, bookkeeping to audits, we can help you or your business so that you can get back to living, working, and succeeding. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. We’ll listen, advise, and ultimately recommend a course of action to put your concerns to rest. Don’t let your accounting issue keep you up for one more night. Reach out today or call us at 205-871-9973 and let us help.

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