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External Audits for Business

To get to where you want to be, it’s necessary to know where you are. For businesses of all sizes, an external audit can be remarkably revealing. By taking the lay of your financial landscape, you can predict short- and long-term success, eliminate waste, maximize potential, and ultimately chart a course toward prosperity.

You need an objective partner to review your financial statements or determine the efficacy of internal controls. DLHC, LLC, is that partner. Guess work and subjective internal auditing can act like an echo chamber for your finances, repeating what you want or expect to hear. A 3rd party audit by CPA professionals, on the other hand, will almost always reveal strengths, weaknesses, errors, or inaccuracies. Don’t wait to discover that your statements aren’t fully representative of your operations. Call in the pros and know for sure, one way or the other.

What is an External Financial Audit?

Like the activity on a hospital monitor, your financial records demonstrate the pulse of your business. For the health and security of your operation, you need to know for certain that your statements are accurate and fully representative of the facts and figures. This provides both peace of mind in the short term and better financial forecasting and assurance in the long term.

Internal audits work like taking your own pulse to understand your health—they may give you a picture, but the value of that picture is up to you to determine. External audits reveal more, hide less, and ultimately present a clearer picture of your reporting so that you can better build toward future goals.

Benefits of an External Audit

More than just the accuracy of financial statements, external audits can reveal a host of improprieties, opportunities, and shortcomings. As an objective review of your statements, internal controls, and accounting processes, external audits leave little room for errors and misunderstandings to hide.

Among the many reasons for considering an external audit, businesses of all sizes can use the process to discover:

  • Shortcomings in internal controls & recordkeeping
  • Inaccuracies & Fraud
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of Accounting Process
  • Financial Trends (Good & Bad)
  • Ways to Improve Credit
  • Insight on Future Business Decisions
  • Assurances for Boosting Stakeholder Confidence
  • A Total Picture of Business Health

In short, external audits shine the clear light of day onto the practices at the core of your business finances. By examining your business without bias, the CPAs at DLHC, LLC, provide a sober and confidential management letter outlining deficiencies and assurances so that you can take your business where it deserves to go.

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