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Tax Compliance Services

Our tax compliance services help save you time, minimize your tax liability, and simplify your tax operations. From tax return preparation and planning, to bookkeeping and payroll, we cover it all. With a powerful blend of expert CPAs and tax advisors and over 30 years of experience in tax law & accounting, there’s no problem we can’t solve.

At DLHC,  we bring the expertise and cutting edge technology you need to uncover hidden tax-saving opportunities, reclaim your time, and demystify tax compliance for good. Eliminate distractions, reduce stress, and go back to focusing on what matters most—running your entity. 

What is Tax Compliance?

Tax compliance involves everything from tax planning, bookkeeping, and payroll, to reducing tax liability, optimizing internal tax operations, and filing returns. In essence, good tax compliance habits keep you up to date with ever changing tax laws, while simultaneously optimizing your business operation and maximizing your profits.

What is a Tax Compliance Service?

Our tax compliance services boost the efficiency of your operation, identify money-saving opportunities, and simplify the process of reporting taxes transparently—a key to building trust. Our in-house, expert CPAs and tax advisors work closely with you to navigate your situation, suggest improvements, and develop strategies that align with your business goals and stakeholder demands.

With over 30 years of tax law experience and an arsenal of state-of-the-art tax software and tools, we can help you take advantage of hidden credits and deductions that even the best home tax software won’t find.

Our tax compliance services include, but are not limited to:

Tax return preparation & planning

Uncovering hidden credits and deductions

Filing sales and use tax returns

Audit defense

Taxpayer representation for IRS matters

IRS Forms 1065 (Partnership)

1150-S & 1150-C (S & C Corporations)

1040 Schedule C (Independent Contractors & Sole Proprietorships)

990 (Non-profit) Preparation

Federal form 5500 preparation

Tax Compliance FAQs

The tax compliance process involves preparing and filing sales and use tax returns. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Gather sales and use tax data
  2. Inspect, review, and consolidate the data
    • Calculate sales tax collected, use tax accrued, and tax collected vs tax due
  3. Fill out the tax return
  4. File the tax return
  5. Pay tax
  6. Confirm payment to IRS
  7. Respond to any notices that may arise
  8. Start tax planning for next tax season

Tax compliance officers work for the IRS, and ensure that businesses comply with tax law and make their required payments by examining their financial statements and tax operations.

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