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Other CPA, Financial, & Business Services

At DLHC, we know that not every taxation or financing issue fits snugly in a box. Some financial questions, concerns, or strategies can fall through the cracks when you need guidance the most. In addition to our other expert CPA services, we offer a range of helpful financial forecasting options and overlooked CPA services.

Let us help you through the best and worst financial moments so that you can move forward in life and in business with confidence. Browse our unique financial solutions and services below.

Other Accounting & CPA Services

Tax Estimates

The workings and determinations of the IRS are too often seen as a mystery. At DLHC, we can run draft returns on your behalf, empowering you with the knowledge you need to make sound financial moves well ahead of time. 

Our accurate and expert draft returns can provide insights on the kind of tax liability you may be facing. We also accurately predict any credit you may see once it’s all said and done. Get out ahead of the IRS with tax estimates from DLHC.

Open Transactions

Ongoing personal or business transactions can throw wrenches in your assumed tax liability at the worst possible moments. Navigating this or that sale that hasn’t happened yet (and determining your new liability because of it) can be tricky. 

At DLHC, we can help you understand your reporting responsibilities when it comes to the sale of an inherited house, a large purchase order that hasn’t quite been fulfilled yet, and other open transactions. The more you know about how these transactions affect your liability, the better.

Closed Transactions

Depending on the timing of any last minute, next minute, or midnight transactions, your tax liability may change drastically. Like open transactions, closed transactions of a certain size and at a certain moment can make or break your financial reporting obligations and expectations.

At DLHC, we can help you place closed transactions in their proper place. You might even be able to avoid penalties caused by these transactions for a healthier, more supportive tax credit.

Reduce Tax Liability

Strategically reducing your tax liability is perfectly legal, while tax evasion is not. There are numerous safe and effective ways to reduce the taxes you pay, and DLHC can help you put a plan in place.

Don’t feel trapped by a looming filing deadline. Let DLHC put a plan of action in place for reducing your tax liability as a private citizen, nonprofit, or small & large business.

Other Assurance Services

The more you understand about your personal, nonprofit, or business finances, the better. When you delve into your finances at both the macro and the micro levels, you can better position yourself to succeed. 

At DLHC, our other assurance services can probe as deeply as you need to provide invaluable insights. With nearly the same detail as an official audit, we can enhance your understanding and give you the knowledge you need to make the soundest financial decisions.


DLHC can review your finances to present expertly compiled and formatted financial statements. Creditors and lenders can be picky when it comes to financial statements, and assurances from the business itself aren’t likely to create confidence alone.

DLHC can present your financial statements without judgment or audit-level scrutiny, giving you and your creditors greater confidence. Let us create the best outcome for you and everyone involved.

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